My multi-disciplinary practice reflects my discontent with the status quo. I address my environmental and societal concerns through a process of social actions grounded in the analogue and the hand-made. Whether presenting my psychogeographic experiences of durational walks and contested sites, or negotiating the ambiguities of text and interpretation, I confront viewers with work which can be both a material assertion and a tentative search for understanding.

Working most often with woodcut, I create prints and paintings with short texts set within a visual context that might borrow from the pop culture of my youth, geometric abstraction or the found-patterns occuring within woodgrain or other natural forms. In both the graphic and performative elements of my practice, I operate in the tradition of the Fool and Mischief-Maker, seeking the transformative in the apparently futile and trite. I intend the work to be imbued with a sense of gift and generosity; that I am journeying and working for others, for the common good. Even when the text is a surreptitious punch on the nose, I intend to deliver it with love. The work comes from a love of humanity coupled with a tendency to dissent; both vestiges of a lost faith. I am committed to reaching non-exclusive audiences so you might find me in the street, handing out free woodcut prints to passers-by, or seeking public venues for my projects, such as K6 Gallery in two decommissioned phoneboxes.


As a curator, I achieve my objectives by making opportunities for others, particularly for young and emerging artists.





Born 1962, Littleport, UK.  


MA Fine Art, 2014-15: Winchester School of Art, University of Southampton

BA (Hons) Fine Art, 2011-14: Winchester School of Art, University of Southampton

Foundation in Art and Design, 1981-82: Cambridge School of Art





2018 A Walk for Stanley - solo walking project, Instagram #aWalkForStanley

2017 Imagined Futures - K6 Gallery, Southampton

2017 For Such a Time as This - OHOS, Reading

2016  A Gaol Ballad and Other Assorted Love Songs (with Amy-Rose Holland) - OHOS, Reading

2016 WordUp! Multi-site collaboration with Robert Fitzmaurice for Reading's Year of Culture

2015  ecologies of optimism and dissent - Jam Factory, Oxford

2014  I'm glad you're alive! (with Lydia Heath) - OHOS, Reading

2013  Peter Driver: Woodcuts - Winchester Discovery Centre






ArtAgainstCovid - online, in aid of grassroots non-profits in the North West

Saturated Space - Sandham Memorial Chapel, performance at p.v.



silence | absence - Broad Street Mall, Reading

Let Us Dissent - SPUDworks, Sway

The Arborealists and Guests - The Art of Trees -Turbine House, Reading

Triangulations - OHOS, Reading

In The Round - Chapel Arts, Andover



Only The Sunny Hours: contemporary photography with a KODAK Brownie 127 - OHOS, Reading

Block_Chain>The Power of Two - online residency at CAS Andover



Winter Print Salon - ONCA Gallery, Brighton

ChaosContrastsChange - OHOS, Reading

Footprints - Winchester School of Art, (for the University of Southampton Festival of Doctoral Research)



Fire & Water (curator) - OHOS, Reading



Accretion (co-curator) - Brightbyte Studio, Southampton

10Days Winchester: CHALK - Winchester Gallery, Winchester

The Laboratory of Dissent - Winchester Gallery, Winchester

Andover March for Optimism - Andover Town Centre, 2015

Meeting Point - Crypt Gallery, London

Desire Lines, (curator) - OHOS, Reading

Print as a Verb, (co-curator with Chris Mercier) - OHOS, Reading



Platform Graduate Award 2014 - Aspex Gallery Portsmouth

Someone & Something - Aspex Gallery Portsmouth

Tabula Rasa - The Bargehouse, London

Encounters, Andover: Andover High Street, 2014

Hanging Tough - OHOS, Reading

March for Optimism - Winchester City Centre, 2014

Insight 2014 - New Greenham Arts, Newbury

Recent History (co-curator with Elly Langlois) - Brooks Centre, Winchester

Transmediale Festival - Haus der Kulturen der Welt, Berlin (group installation)



Raison D'etre - Mottisfont National Trust, Hants

No Working Title - Tate Modern, London

Space for Peace - Winchester Cathedral 2013, (curated by Kimvi Nguyen)

Art&Ride - part of 10Days Festival, Winchester , 2013

Outlook Changeable - OHOS, Reading

Searching, always - Gallery 49, Bracknell



Echo - OHOS, Reading



Would You Like and Why Not? - OHOS, Reading

Still The Day: artists' responses to Holy Week - St Peter's, Caversham





A Walk For Stanley' 2019 (available from Peculiarity Press here)

thirteen days in spring: walking in relation to the kindness of strangers, 2012

(available from here )





Block_Chain>The Power of Two, online residency at, 2018

Basing House archaeological dig, Hampshire: artist in residence, July-August 2013





Arts Council for England grant for the arts to develop March for Optimism, Andover (as part of Chapel Arts Studios pop-up project 'The Bureau of Exchange')





Winchester School of Art (alumni collection)

University of Southampton (artists books collection)

University of Southampton, Department of Archaeology

Reading Borough Council





Teaching Fellow in Fine Art (part-time), Winchester School of Art, University of Southampton, 2016-present